Berlin is a capital of art and culture. But have you ever considered experiencing Berlin on a tandem? Check out our guided Tandem bike tours.

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David Bowie Tandem Tour


You get to know a beautiful part of town that you do not get to see on a normal tourist tour. You'll learn a lot about David Bowie, as well as the district's history, and it's also incredibly fun to ride a tandem.

22 € per person

duration 2 h

Ride your first Tandem


Enjoy getting to see the city while mastering a new skill - tandem biking. Let us take you all around the city - narrating you through the history with interesting stories and insight into the city's past and present.

30 € per person

duration 3 h

Become a twin lens camera artist


This is an unique opportunity to take a photograph with a Twin Lens camera all by yourself with help of an ambitious young photographer.

30 € per person

duration 3 h

Brandenburg Gate

Jewish Memorial



Museum Island




Every tour is held in english, german, russian or french.

When needed, also simultaneously

Either myself or my co-host David will be your Airbnb experience guide. Allow us to present and show you historical insights.

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ride a vintage tandem in Berlin

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• Täglich • daily!
Top3 Berlins Best Sightseeing Touren

• Startzeit: 11 - 14 h ✓ und 16 - 19h ✓

hotline: +49176 74960636 (whatsapp)

• inkl. Local Expert Guides english & deutsch

as well as russian & french 

Bonus! You get to enjoy your tourism experience without harming the planet ♡

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